Skibike Race and Huck Fest at Berthoud pass this saturday!

Just sending out some more of the details for the Berthoud skibiker DH rally this Saturday. Just about finished with the big huck (jump) that we are going to set up along with the the Berthoud pass top to bottom race and BBQ. Were keeping time of the racing and going to have a jump contest too. Should be lots of fun. Snow was awesome last weekend to close down Winter Park. Powder all weekend and if we have snow and weather anything like it was last weekend, we’ll have great conditions for digging in the snow and riding and hanging out eating and drinking some beers.

I’m going to get there early to get a good spot and set up the grill. We’ll start shuttling probably by 9:00 so people can get some runs to scope out the course. The plan is to start sending racers off at noon and then eat when were done. Then we can watch the jumpers in the group huck themselves off the jumps and do some tricks. I have some awards for the top 3 of each event.

Try to get there early to get some runs in and sign up. No cost to compete. We’ll post times up on my website so we can start a record of how long it takes to run the Berthoud 7 mile gully run. Share this blog post to anyone you know that skibikes or just wants to have fun in the snow.

big huck ski bike jump

This is our new "Big Huck" ski bike and MTB jump. Come huck it at Berthoud on Saturday.

~ by Nick Wigston on April 26, 2011.

3 Responses to “Skibike Race and Huck Fest at Berthoud pass this saturday!”

  1. What an AWESOME day! Two feet of fresh, a 7 mile run, great crashes, food, drinks, and fun; what more could anyone want… Thanks Devin and all that helped organize this. A total blast!!!

  2. Hello and thanks to everyone who showed up to the first Berthoud pass skibike DH rally. The first weekend after the ski areas close and we have mid winter powder conditions! At least 6 inches of new powder on top of a foot or two of some still pretty soft and fluffy snow, and a nice and partly sunny day all day. We couldn’t have hoped for a better day.
    Once we claimed our base area and got all set up, we took our first shuttle run down some awesome deep untracked powder from the top and spent most of the lower part of 7 mile gully run pushing and packing out the trail. We had probably 30 to 40 people riding the trail which really packed it out and made it fast and wooped out by the time we were ready to race, and beat in some very fun lines. The 7 Mile trail(which isn’t even near 7 miles what we run) is not normally a very technical trail or very fun for back country skiers or especially snowboarders, but it does turn out to be somewhat of a formidable course for the skibikes especially when you are racing it. There are a couple steeper sections like the gully which is narrow as well and lots of tight tree sections to navigate along with woops that have formed making it possible to gain speed by pumping them and doubling them to smooth your line and carry speed. The skibikes are able to run very fast on this course and it has the feeling more of doing a chainless down hill mountainbike race. I finished with a time of 10 minutes and 12 seconds which with a couple crashes actually gave me the win. I’m looking forward to getting more guys trying it out and see what kind of times we’ll get next year if we run it again.
    Thanks to some friends that volunteered and made this all work out so well like, Randy and Melanie Kimball of Skibike Fun who came up from New Mexico and pitched in for food and stuff as well as helping with the time keeping. Also thanks to Roland Voss for his help starting racers on the course and especially to Tom Derozier for using his truck and driving up back up the hill all day long.
    We finally did set up my big Huck (jump) down from the top parking lot. All the guys grabbed the shovels and set up the jump and built up the snow and filled the tray perfectly. This feature is a unique snow sport feature that I wanted to try that is like what extreme mountain bike riders are doing. Mountain bikers are hucking themselves off stuff like cliffs and dead end bridges down onto nice landing transitions. Hucking off stuff is different that jumping which sends you up. You see lots of skiers hucking off cliffs and natural stuff, but I haven’t seen and drop zones at ski areas yet. I think we might start seeing this more because even our snowboard friends were loving it and throwing some petty sweet tricks.
    Anyone who got some nice pictures let me know and I’ll post them up, and anyone who wants to set the huck up again this spring and spend the day getting some big air and video, let me know and we’ll drag it up there soon.

    Anyway, the inaugural Berthoud Pass Skibike DH Rally turned out to be a huge success and everyone had so much fun and I’m glad you all came out!

    Thanks, Devin Lenz

  3. Anyone riding at a-basin still?? The snow is still great! If anyone wants to meet up and ride give me a shout. 8one77two644nine4

    – Ben

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