How to get into ski biking

How to get into Ski Biking
We are trying every season to make it easier to get into the sport. Here are some helpful resources for finding resorts that allow and rent ski bikes and also offer instruction.  How to
How to demo/rent ski bikes here in Colorado:  

1. Winter Park Resort has the largest rental fleet of ski bikes in Colorado. Click here for more information.
2. Durango: Pedal the Peaks bike shop has a fleet of rental Lenz Sport ski bikes. Call them at (970)259-6880
3. Denver: We have some rental ski bikes at our location near Denver. You can rent them to take them to resorts that don’t already have rentals available.

What resorts allow ski biking?
Click here to view a complete list of US and Canadian resorts that allow ski biking, rentals, and instruction. This list also provides any restrictions that may be in place at each specific resort.
How to purchase ski bikes:
You may purchase a ski bike directly from us by emailing or calling us. ( or 303-857-9151). We will send you the current price list, discuss options, and build up your ski bike the way you want it. We can ship anywhere in the world. You may also order a ski bike through any authorized Lenz Sport dealer. Even if the dealer doesn’t deal in ski bikes, they are authorized to special order a ski bike for any customer. We have ski bikes in stock now. See below for availability information.
lenz sport ski bike load onto chairlift

lenz sport ski bikes are designed to load safely and easily onto the chairlift.

~ by Nick Wigston on February 5, 2013.

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