Ski Bikes at the Co Ski & Snowboard expo

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Come visit our booth at the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Expo. The dates are November 5-7 at the Colorado Convention Center. We’ll be exhibiting the full Lenz ski bike line up including the new Launch Freestyle ski bike and the new Rumbler.!/event.php?eid=144402842245105&index=1


Riding Winter Park with Lenz PBJs

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Now that I’m home after riding a PBJ at Winter Park all day, I can’t stop thinking about ripping around those berms. This was my first time on a downhill bike, and my first time at such a cool bike park. At first the berms seemed big, but after following Devin and Brandon, I got the hang of it. On the PBJ, they just came naturally. I was lucky to be able to follow these guys for my first park experience. It was a lot of fun, and these bikes freakin rip.

devin lenz pbj at winter parkbrandon schmidt lenz pbj at winter park

Everyone asks about the 29er park bikes, of course, since they are the only ones. Do they handle turns okay, do they handle technical okay, blah blah blah. All I have to say is, come and ride a PBJ, and you’ll never go back to your 26 inch wheeled DH bikes again. They handle everything, they are nimble, maneuverable, stable, and really, really, fast. As with all Lenz bikes, the PBJ boasts one of the shortest wheelbases of any 29er out there. With Devin’s 17’5″ chainstay, you won’t complain about the maneuverability.

devin in the air on a PBJ at winter parkbrandon schmidt lenz downhill 29er at winter parkdevin lenz downhill 29erIf you want to come and ride one of these bikes at winter park, contact us. They are open weekends in september. come and get some before it starts snowing. Then it’s time to check out the ski bikes!

brandon schmidt lenz sport pbj at winter park

Lenz PBJ DH29er Video at winter park. Sick!!

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Hey everyone. Check out Mike Curiak’s video from the team riding at Winter Park last week on PBJ DH 29ers. These bikes are so much fun, and winter park’s terrain is killer. Check it out.

Too damn fun. No! Not enough fun!! from lacemine29 on Vimeo.

Testing out the Revelation

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My wife Nicole has been loving her new Revelation that she got this spring. While she’s not a racer, she likes to ride a lot. This bike has enabled her to ride things she never thought she could. It’s nice and light, and very nimble for her to climb up and descend the technical front range trails.


lenz sport revelation mountain bike actionnicole wigston on her lenz revelation

nicole lenz revelation in nederland

Ski Bike Fest in durango

•April 10, 2010 • 1 Comment

Team Lenz got some sweet days of Ski Biking in at the Ski bike festival at Durango Mountain resort this winter. We also hit up Telluride on the way home. All in all, the snow was great, the sun was shining, and we got to go really fast down some sweet mountains. Here are some photos.

ski_bike_action3_durangoski_biking with Team Lenzski_bike_devin_telluride

Ski Biking 2010

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The crew has been up ski biking every weekend. We invite everyone to come and join us to try it out. here are some photos.

ski biking is fun

ski biking is fun and easy to learn. with 8" of travel, it's pretty easy on the body too.


they are really easy to ride the lift with. easier than a snowboard....try it.

Lunchbox Test ride

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I got the pleasure of taking the Lenz Lunch box out for some technical rides on the front range this fall, and fell in love with the bike. I normally ride a Behemoth, which is the best bike I’ve ever owned. The lunchbox felt a little more relaxed than the Behemoth, and it felt as if it floated over obstacles with so much ease. It remained stiff and stable on really technical descents, and I felt like I could ride faster than normal.

Lunchbox test rideWhen climbing back up, I was surprised at how well the bike went uphill. It’s a little heavier than the behemoth, but the extra beefiness is worth it. I would have no problem doing long mountain rides on this bike. lunchbox descending