2014 Lunchbox – The bike that started it all, just got even better.

The new Lenz Sport Lunchbox 29er has been making heads turn on any of the trails where you may be lucky enough to see one. We have only built a small pre-release batch of this Lenz Bike for select riders so far, and we’ll be working on the first run of production frames soon. Click here to see the thread on MTBR that has some of the initial reviews of the new Lunchbox. The new Lenz Luchbox is sporting a 16.7″ chainstay, which has the nickname “Punk-Ass”. The shorter chainstay is unbelievable, to say the least. Last year’s LB had a 17 3/8″ chainstay, which was already awesomely short, and provided the quickest handling and easiest manualing of any 29er out there. Now the 16.7″ chainstay combined with the 75 degree seat angle and 67 degree head angle makes the new Lunchbox a trail machine. The descending characteristics are un-matched, and the steep seat angle gets you over the bottom bracket so you can crank uphill like you are on a cross country bike. All of these new features make the Lunchbox bike an amazing all-around bike for climbing and descending. The new downtube gets you clearance for a piggy back shock, which you’ve been asking for, and the new pro-curve top tube gets extra standover clearance, which is always welcome. With frames under 8 pounds, you can build your dream bike under  or around 30 pounds without a whole lot of trouble. This bike has not truly been “released” yet, so we will be working on posting all of the necessary information to the website soon. In the meantime, please email us with any questions. We are happy to help and we can take pre-orders now.

~ by Nick Wigston on January 30, 2014.

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